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Wizards cock

Title:Wizards cock
Author: Trio
Pairing: Nm/Pp/Wc
Rating: R..... cause it's nasty and slashy...... girl slashy,... but slashy none the less...... :evilgrin:
Genre: Man.... all these hard questions. Um this time it's all about the penis...
Disclaimer: If it was mine...I would still write this stuff!!!!!
A/N: This is For Sarah, who wanted to know how my invention would work...Dood is it too much information???
Thanks to ANN you are sooooo pretty!!!

A low hiss escaped when Pansy's small fingers stroked the underside of the tight cock.

"It feels good." Pansy said as she stroked it curiously. "Can I lick it? "
"Please!" came a whimpered reply.

"It tastes good, it tastes like you." Pansy murmured as her tongue flutter around the swollen member. Her own fingers danced around her clit.
She rubbed the cock around her lips whispering what she wanted done with it. How she wanted it to fuck her and make her cum. Hands clenched desperately in her hair. Pansy was amazed at the response.

"Please Pansy..Please." the voice cried when Pansy's mouth engulfed the cock.

"Please what?" she ask stroking her finger around the rigid tip.

"Please... I need to be inside of you" Pansy hesitated as if she were thinking about it.

She found herself flung on her back, legs spread wide. She wasn't really surprised. They had been experimenting for an hour now. Her pussy wanted it, that was for sure.

The soft blond hair of her lover hung over her face. Narcissus held back, poised at Pansy's entrance. She looked down into her eyes and entered her slowly. She moaned at the sensation of Pansy's walls enclosing the wizard's cock. Pansy moans echoed hers. When she was fully embedded she held on for a moment. Enjoying the sensation of not just Pansy's wet sheath, but also her soft womanly body. Pansy's hands stoked and pinched. She never stopped moving.

"Allright?" Narcissus whispered into her lovers ear. Her body shivered with the need to plunge into Pansy's warmth repeatedly.

"Yes." Pansy answered and emphasized it with a movement of her hips.

Narcissus held still. Pansy's whimpered with anticipation.

"Fuck me." She murmured wiggling her bottom again.

"Fuck Me," she insisted. "Please, do it Narcissa."

Narcissa couldn't hold back any longer, she threw Pansy's legs over her shoulders, drew her closer and shoved into to her deeply. She pumped into her ruthlessly. Pansy's voice cried out over and over, Narcissa could feel the orgasm building up. Pansy's body arch beneath her, her nails scratched at Narcissa's arms, she responded by slamming into her harder. Cries of her own wrenched from her throat with each trust. The orgasms hit Pansy suddenly her eyes widened then rolled. Narcissa held her position and let Pansy enjoy the sensation. The wizard's cock started to vibrate, Narcissus felt her own shuddering orgasm hit. Riding the second wave of Pansy's orgasm, desperate cries echoed through out the room. Narcissa couldn't hold back.

Even with the wizard's cock her body didn't fully react like a mans, on and on both women succumbed to orgasm after orgasm. Their cries settled into low moans following pleasurable clusters of periodic spasms.

When she couldn't hold herself up anymore, Narcissa collapsed next to her young lover then pulled her into a tired embrace. The wizard's cock twitched but still stood firm. Both women gazed at it with wonder.

"I'll say it first." Pansy whispered with a drowsy giggle.

"What do we need men for?"

Narcissa gave an unladylike snort of amusement and answered...

"To pay the bills of course..."

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